About Us

  • So, what the heck is all this?
  • nRP1 is a home based web-radio, broadcasting on mono or stereophonic SHOUTcast system. We own and handle very basic but efficient computer tools like the Winamp player, the SHOUTcast DNAS server v.1.9.8, the SHOUTcast Source v1.9.0 and lots of Perl programming2
  • nRP is listed in the following Internet Radio directories:

  • We’re based in the city of Porto4, in Portugal, and we are Portuguese. We aim no economical profits as we just do this because we love music…
  • If you try listening to this station from behind a Firewall, the most probable is you to fail. No streaming can go through corporation firewalls if their admnistrators want it so. Furthermore, we may run regularly a server-side routine for listener scanning. Case you use a player to reach us which is not in our WHITELIST, you’ll be kicked off. If unfortunately this has been your case and you wish to listen to our station, let us know by email what player are you using and we might include it in our whitelist.
  • This radio is currently only broadcasting music but sometimes we connect to specific programs from national radio stations in Portugal. No “On Demand” system is available. Many interruptions may also happen in our broadcasting due to some limitations of sender or receiver ISP.
  • Real time information of what you are listening to (like song name, artist name, etc) depends very much on the media player you’re using. To overcome the normal internet drop outs, your media player should be preset with a REPEAT function or with any kind of cyclic routine.
  • Quality of what you’re listening on your PC depends mainly on respective sound card and loudspeakers as we broadcast music on almost a raw state! Currently, almost every built-in sound card in modern computers is good enough for you. Loudspeakers are then a sensitive issue mainly if we’re speaking about laptop built-in speakers! Suggestion for good and non-expensive loudspeakers5:
    Pleomax S2-600B

    An alternative to these boxes is the use of a headset which has the advantage of not disturbing your neighbors. As a suggestion, maybe a little bit expensive for some pockets (around €45.00 Euros in Portugal, in 2015), we introduce you to the Ozone RAGE ST which has the huge advantage of having also a microphone and an inline control for volume and micro on/off. Furthermore, its frequency response from 20Hz to 20KHz together with a sensitivity of 93dB is reasonably good considering that you’d buy better ones if you’d had the money…

    Ozone RAGE ST

  • Internet speed it’s crucial here. You need a DSL (ADSL) or cable connection, at least, to receive our sound without interruptions or, at least, with just a couple of them… For download speed, let’s say that something between 8 and 30 Mbps is already good enough.
  • Is our policy to not allow listeners connected too long to our station. Should you have a particular situation where you’d like a permanent connection to nRP, please send us an email requesting it.

Technical Specs of Server

Winamp Radio
Model: Nullsoft SHOUTcast DNAS v1.9.8/win32
MIME type: audio/mpeg
Encoding: 128 kbps / 44100 Hz / stereo
Station Title: nRP
Station Genre: Portuguese, Rock, Classical, Chillout, Celtic
Web URL: http://nrp.op351.net
Stream URL: http://nrp.selfip.net:8000
Player URL: http://nrp.selfip.net
SHOUTcast Radio

Players on your PC
You may go through a better experience listening to our sounds by using third-party mp3 players installed on your own computer, like:

  1. Winamp 6, developed by Nullsoft
  2. Windows Media Player, developed by Microsoft
  3. Real Player, developed by RealNetworks
  4. iTunes, developed by Apple Inc.
  5. QuickTime, developed by Apple Inc.

Fire up your favorite player on your PC and follow this links sequence:


  • iTUNES menu :: File » Open Stream » type  http://nrp.selfip.net:8000/ » Ok
  • iTUNES menu :: View » Internet Radio → Eclectic ↓ nRP ↵
  • QUICKTIMES menu :: File » Open URL » type http://nrp.selfip.net:8000/listen.pls » Ok
  • WINAMP menu :: Play » URL » type  http://nrp.selfip.net:8000/ » Open
  • WMP menu :: File » Open URL » type  http://nrp.selfip.net:8000/ » Ok


Obviously, all these players must be previously installed on your PC. If you don’t have any of these players on your computer, you may use the download links for these players, placed here in our website (mp3 players). Let us know if this works for you…


Please find here a set of super large pictures showing several things related to nRP which you can use as wallpapers for your PC. Please, download and use them to advertise nRP, your favorite web-station. They’re original images from us and might be freely downloaded, copied and offered to whomever…

link pixels bytes #
nRP Wallpaper `porto` px2000x1000 2000×1000 1018.31 K 3
nRP Wallpaper `winamp` px3000x2000 3000×2000 2.00 M 1
NOTICE: mouseover the link to see the wallpaper sample (wait a couple of seconds, depending on your net speed)

Thanks to these free(ware) tools

  1. net Radio Porto.
  2. Actually is Active Perl for MS Windows, in our case, Windows 7 Pro.
  3. We have been removed from SHOUTcast directory because they no longer accept broadcasters running on old generation of SHOUTcast tools.
  4. For some people, known as Oporto.
  5. As far I know this Samsung set is already discontinued by that manufacturer. Pity, because the ratio quality/price was fairly good.
  6. Winamp was bought to AOL in January 2014 by Belgian company Radionomy which is currently submitting the player to a long retrofit. The new owners promised a renewed player but meanwhile no upgrades have been made and no longer is possible to download it. Last version of Winamp is 5.666, from 2013, still released by AOL.