Temporary connection to 3rd party station

Due to severe problems with our equipment, as of today we’ll be connected to a Portuguese national FM station until we resolve them.
We have no way to show our listeners what station we’re connected to.
We’ll announce here when we’re back to our normal broadcasting.

The Webmaster

nRP on Board

What about listening to nRP on board using your smartphone?

Exactly, on plane, when you’re travelling overseas and don’t know what to do in all those hours. The solution for a great experience listening to the music you love is using Noise-cancelling headphones. And our suggestion is AKG N60…


This system, Noise Cancelling, is pretty good for planes and because of that the box brings inside an adapter case you wish to watch on-board movies with a better sound. But of course there are other noisy places where you can use these headphones with the same advantage given by this system: get rid of noise around and mainly listen to your music. These phones are very comfortable and already reduce surround noise without NC working, given the excellent material used for putting over ears.


And what about the features making the difference between good and bad headphones? These are frequency response and sensitivity. And both are very good, indeed:

  • Frequency Response: 10Hz to 22kHz
  • Sensitivity: 123dB/V at 1kHz

And still impressive:

  • Noise reduction: -20dB
  • Battery Life: 30 hours

And yes, everybody wants to know the price: around 300 euros in Portugal (2017, february). Expensive for some, not so much for other. The quality is great. Highly comfortable headphones. Made of high quality materials.

Enjoy it…

No stickies allowed

This is to inform our listeners that we do not allow full time connection to our station. For those, we start kicking them off as a warning and if they still insist, they’re banned. This is how our automatic bandwidth control works…

If you wish to be all the time connected, email us your reasons.
The Webmaster

Our player unsupported by Chrome v55

The new release of Chrome (version 55) no longer supports broadcasting assured by SHOUTcast v1 servers. This is precisely the server we use for broadcasting which means that, if you wish to use our player (http://nrp.selfip.net), you must use another browser (Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc).

If you don’t want to use another browser then you still can listen to us by using any standard player installed on your computer (Windows Media, Winamp, iTunes, VLC, etc). In this case, take the URL http://nrp.selfip.net:8000/ to input in your player.

Thanks for keep listening us,
The Webmaster

Server Maintenance

We inform our listeners that today our server will be on maintenance from 18:00 to 20:00, GMT1.

We apologize for this interruption but we really need to perform these preventive maintenance actions (including updates) to assure a regular good performance of our server.

The Webmaster

  1. Or from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Revamping our website

Just to inform our listeners that we have started this week some webmastering to get rid of a WordPress themes producer (OneTone theme) and adopt a more common one in OP351net design (Atahualpa theme).

We hope to get this website back to full performance as soon as possible. Give us a word about the new design. And about our daily schedule. And about the quality of music we broadcast. And… And…

Keep listening to us…
The Webmaster

Server breakdown

Due to an unexpected breakdown of our server, nRP will be off all day long. We apologyze for this interruption and we promise to be as fast as possible.

The Webmaster

Updates & Upgrades

We’re working out some updates in our musical portfolio and some upgrades in our soft and hardware to keep this station live. This is to tell our listeners that some interruptions, short we hope, may happen in the next couple of weeks during implementation of a couple of hardware changes, already in process. We’re trying to improve quality of our sound and turn our technical stuff to a more flexible broadcasting tool. Nevertheless, we intend to keep the bitrate as low as 96. The famous 128 kbps? Maybe later…

Yep, this is just a home based station, where money always gets out, never in…

The Classics

Meaning, composers we have included in our portfolio up to today to fill our program «Classical Tunes». We do not sell music, we even have nothing implemented to allow you downloads of mp3 files played by our radio. However, our links may redirect you to Amazon.com to buy music and like so be contributing to our commissions or to any other site like Classical Archives with what we have no commercial connection at all but may be of interest for you:

Classical Archives (ClassicalArchives.com), the largest archive of its kind on the web, offers hundreds of thousands of classical music files in MP3 and MIDI format you can listen to or download at the click of your mouse. A major award-winning cultural site which provides extensive indexes, search and contextual data accessible via a navigation designed by musicologists for novices and experts alike.

Currently, composers you can hear on nRP are (organized by era):

Still growing… Soon!
Enjoy the classics…

Celts in Iberia

Traditional eighteenth and nineteenth century scholarship surrounding the Celts virtually ignored the Iberian Peninsula, since archaeological material relatable to the Hallstatt and La Tène cultures that have defined Iron Age Celts was rare in Iberia, and did not provide a cultural scenario that could easily be linked to that of Central Europe.

Prehispanic languages

Modern scholarship, however, has proven that Celtic presence and influences were very substantial in Iberia. The Celts in Iberia 1 were divided in two main archaeological and cultural groups, even if the divide is not very clear. One group, from Galicia (Spain) and along the Atlantic shores. They were made up of the Lusitanians (in Portugal and the Celtic region that Strabo called Celtica in the southwest including the Algarve, inhabited by the Celtici), the Vettones and Vacceani peoples (of central west Spain and Portugal), and the Gallaecian, Astures, and Cantabrian peoples of the Castro culture of north and northwest Spain and Portugal.

The Celtiberian group of central Spain and the upper Ebro valley originated when Celts migrated from what is now France and integrated with the local Iberian people.

in New World Encyclopedia

  1. Try their music in Portugal: Celtic Folk Festival.