The Classics

Meaning, composers we have included in our portfolio up to today to fill our program «Classical Tunes». We do not sell music, we even have nothing implemented to allow you downloads of mp3 files played by our radio. However, our links may redirect you to to buy music and like so be contributing to our commissions or to any other site like Classical Archives with what we have no commercial connection at all but may be of interest for you:
Classical Archives (, the largest archive of its kind on the web, offers hundreds of thousands of classical music files in MP3 and MIDI format you can listen to or download at the click of your mouse. A major award-winning cultural site which provides extensive indexes, search and contextual data accessible via a navigation designed by musicologists for novices and experts alike.

Currently, composers you can hear on nRP are (organized by era):

Still growing… Soon!
Enjoy the classics…

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