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nRP is a home based web-radio since year 2000, broadcasting on mono or stereophonic SHOUTcast system. We own and handle very basic but efficient computer tools like the Winamp player, the SHOUTcast DNAS server v.1.9.8, the SHOUTcast Source v1.9.0 and lots of Perl programming. We’re based in the city of Porto, in Portugal, we just use the English language but we are Portuguese. We aim no economical profits as we just do this because we love music…

This radio is currently only broadcasting music, 24h a day, 7 days a week, but sometimes we connect to specific programs from national radio stations in Portugal. Regarding musical flavors we like to classify ourselves as ecletic but just up to a certain point. Anyhow, we're for a wide range of music styles from pop and rock to classical, but we're kind of quiet people providing uninterrupted sounds to quiet spirits... Read more here.

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If you wish to know what and when we broadcast you may have a look at our Daily Schedule. You may also give us a try and hear our own player to know what we're playing now.

Free MIDIs

MIDI files are still that tiny and cute set of bits you can use on your website or you mobile phone. Grab as many you can here...


A selection of free video-clips for you, showing you the images of the sounds we like to broadcast in our station. Video files here may be FLV or MP4 type and some are not good enough for full-screen...


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